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S tark Report On School Crisis Faces


Brownell Cites Teacher, Pupil Problems on Eve

Ike Backs


Should Avoid Foreign Policy As Election Issue

By Douglas B. Cornell GETTYSBURG, Nov. 26

Reds Confirm Testing New Hydrogen Bomb;

Call It Biggest One Yet


Versions of Power Set by Khrushchey

‘Spirit of Chieage’ Under Fire

Of Sessions Here By Jeanne Rogers

Staff Reporter The vanguard of 2000 delegates to the upcoming White House Conference on Education yesterday had a startling new set of statistics to mull over, even before the

Vary According To Who Translates

By Henry Shapiro

(?)}—President Eisenhower joined Democratic Sen. Walter George of Georgia to- day in urging the Nation to

Gov. Williams Assails

Adlai on ‘Moderation’

halt its 1956 campaign bat-| MOSCOW, Nov. 26 UP tling at the water’s edge. | DENVER, Colo., Nov. 26 —,son said, when asked for com: Russia announced today it In what amounted to a new/Governor G. Mennen Williams! ment, “the speech I made ex-/had set off “the most power- plea to keep foreign policy out|0f Michigan, frequently men-| 11,14. how I feel. It explains ful of all” hydrogen bomb of politics, the President in-\Uomed as a possible favorite 4 ‘ae Pet po , ison candidate for the Demo-|™y stand. _ explosions. Speaking before a Democratic; An official statement said the

politically-explosive meeting gets under way Monday.

U. 8. Education Commission- er Samuel E. Brownell reported that new statistics showed al- most 78,000 fulltime teachers in public elementary and high schools with “substandard cre- dentials.”

Nationally, Brownell also dis

with an estimated 30,600,000 pu-|

pils—at least two million in ex- cess of “normal” capacity.

In the face of widespread argument that the Government should emphasize direct Fed- eral aid to schools, Brownell’s report held that his office's “greatest service” could be in the field of “educational re- search.”

Meanwhile, Rep. Edith Green

aren't welcome pants.”

Her criticism bilénded with a general Democratic cry that the meeting h


- :

Matt's Ready to Conquer Space

| i

‘pees P ® he

“ae ny

+ Beg

. -

fe aM “s s -


4 <

a4 ¥

Hotel. | It is the dramatic climax of roots” confer-

They learned that right now America!

is short 260 classrooms and 141,300 qualified teachers. At same time, millions more youngsters will enter schools in the next decade. Something must be done, the

It will belsion made-a “last-ditch” effort

In 110 MPH Police Chase

A Fort Meade soldier and his wife were rammed in their car last night on the Washington- Baltimore parkway by a fleeing automobile being chased by Park Police scout car at speeds up to 110 miles an hour.

Both escaped serious injury. So did the driver of the speed-

D.. C, Ownership Planned If Search

Is Unsnecessful

By Grace Bassett Gta Reporter



PUC Makes (2d Anto Hit Cafe Manager | Last Hunt for

Transit Firm

Held in Fake


Two Seized as Accomplices; Most Of Money Recovered

dorsed the following statement | by the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee: :

“We must assure the world that we are capable of having a nonpartisan American foreign | policy and that regardless of | who wins or loses in 1956, our foreign program will go on sub-| stantially as is.” |

Murray Snyder, assistant White House press secretary, told inquiring newsmen the Chief Executive had read and | approved George's statement, | which was made to the New| York Herald Tribune.

Snyder was asked whether “the President feels that Adlai Stevenson had given support to this thesis of a bipartisan for- | eign policy.” Snyder said he hadn’t asked the President! about that.

A reporter noted that Steven: | son, who opposed Mr. Eisen-| hower for the presidency in 1952 and wants to run again, had said recently that Ameri- can foreign policy is worse off mn at-any time since the) Korean War. AERP tee

“I might add,” Snyder said “that the President has sought to conduct the Nation's foreign


appreciation for the statesman- cooperation given the ad- ministration by Sen. George in foreign affairs.”

The press assistant remarked that “certainly” his words were spoken with Mr. Eisenhower's advance knowledge.

There appeared smal] chance, however, that foreign policy ac- tually will be kept out of the campaign. Former President| Harry said at Seattle | only today that the Republicans “put foreign policy into the po- litical arena after Mr. Roose-

(Picture on Page A-3.) Three men were arrested

ing car.

The Public Utilities Commis- ts. R. R.Krerzayo and'T. S.

yesterday and charged with staging a fake $2300 robbe

velt and I had kept it out for,

‘years. Now the Democrats are|favor hard-headed loans, not

in a position to make the most

: with dem

cratic presidential nomination, | : today attacked Adlai Steven-|rally in Chicago last Saturday|H-blast was. one of a series of

son's recent statement that this Dight, Stevenson, who earlier) recent explosions of “new types “is a time for moderation.” | ad made his formal announce-\of atomic and thermo-nuclear Williams did not mention|ment of his candidacy for the) (hydrogen) weapons.” Stevenson by name, but re-| Democratic presidential nomin-| [t said the H-bomb was ex- ferred to him indirectly as he |4tion, said “moderation is the/ploded at a “great height” in lashed “the spirit of Chicago.”|Spirit of ‘he times. woe pet tad to prevent the conse- The Michigan Governor’s at-|$0n said moderation must not) quences of atomic fallout. tack on Stevenson’s views was |e confused with stagnation and; (The announcement confirmed contained in a speech prepared |he listed a number of fields in|the disclosure by the United for delivery to the Colorado| Which he said the Government Young Democrats tonight. needs to make progress. Williams thus joined New| Marriman told a news con-| ‘Millions’ Estimate York's Gov. Averell Harriman} ference the next day “there is, in rapping Stevenson's plea for, "0 such word as ‘moderate’ in| a “moderate” approach to na- the Democratic Party. ) tional issues. ) W rage in his Denver text, | Atomic experts in Wash- At Kingsland, Ga., where he *4?+ Democrats would be! fiteton were inclined yester- is on a brief vacation, Steven-| See DEMOCRATS, P. A-2,Col.3| day to accept Russian corre- spondents’ correction of the official interpreter and put Communist Party Secretary Khrushchev’s estimate of the new Red superbomb’s power in the “millions of tons” of TNT, Story on Page A’.

Is Accepted Here

“crash” program of foreign to blunt.Soviet efforts in Asia and the Middle East.

A top-level review of this country’s foreign economic pol- icy is now going on within the Administration itself.

On one side of the review is

Cash or Technology Leaders Divided on Kind ers vided on ni ) . . . States Atomic Energy Commis- Of dt i , M ddl K t sion last Wednesday that the ~ lve | e as Russians had exploded their largest nuclear weapon so far.) By Peter Lisagor “Most Powerful So Far” Chicago Daily News Foreign Service “The last explosion of the hy- The Eisenhower Administra-jcapacity to divert large|drogen bombs was the most tion, Congress and the Ameri-| amounts of material goods from | Powerful of all explosions car- oe s apauiat| it own dcenomy. ried out no tar,’ the announce- wed ie tr hein Ohad tentative | men issued by the Soviet Tass | héews agency declared. discussions of the American (Spealting in Bangalore, In- | course in the next fiscal year have been held in the » Russian Communist Party ‘Department between Jehn Hol peo ay oie page said ilister, Stassen's foreign aid suc-| designed to produce pc |cessor, and Undersecretary of | mum ex Nd : e aaah State Herbert Hoover Jr., both! um of seme trlieertine laren pe , of whom belong more in the: tat sal number of ecals whe |tumphrey then in the Stassen| yh seein ated eee . h . : " move ,poldly and, dramatically |“*But no programs of any site|" gitqit7rSyine, ame (ha being made by the Russians in| have been put on paper for/or TNT. but Russian newsmen the socalled “uncommitted”|°o"Sideration by the National/ ssid he used the indefinite areas of the world Security Council and President pjural “millions of tons.” These men feel that Ne apne SEC gr eagle Agy A e to)" (“This week's anndunecement -_ by AEC Di ‘is § can resources and technology,| Hollister has disclosed that y AEC Director Lewis S™

broadly applied, would easily | were: |said the Russian explosion + win any race with Moscow to /%¢ go ge next year's aid budg-|«i, the range of megatons.” win friends in those regions. (| ¢ well on its vey ree 4'A megaton equals one million On the other side are power-|""@! shapeup, will be about tons of TNT in explosive pow- ful figures who believe in strict |‘ same as this year's—a total limits to American aid. They |°! $2-7 billion, with $1.7 billion

going for economic aid.

) If a larger program is de- a balanced |Cided upon, it will have to be

| (The official announce- ment failed to specify whether its reference to Most power-

outright grants. ful” applied only t tests car-

people concluded.

up to their conference spokes-|to find private capital to take | They argue that men this week to discuss spe-|over metropolitan area transit cifie remedies for these prob-| yesterday.

lems, including the contro-| Regulators sent five identical

versial subject of Federal aidjletters to applicants for the

of it and I am sure they will. ‘The present Administration’s| budget in the mistakes must be made an issue | as important in the long of the next campaign.” a dam in Egypt that will

In Washington, Sen. John J.|20 years to start producing a Sparkman (D-Ala.), said today|return.

Peel chased the car from Greenbelt along the parkway to a mile north of Laurel. The - the hs driven by Jose

Zelaya, 27, listed at 9 3d st) erintton?? ne., was doing about 90 miles’ Held as the “victim” of the

United States is: deme outside present budget ried out within Rum:

run as considerations. And that prob-';, pen seer Vines boon

ll take |@5ly means scrapping all hopes ..-rieg out in the United of a balanced budget—unless, States

of course, increased revenues! ne .

e greater than anticipated. | (The United §

of a Hot Shoppe at 4th st. and Florida ave. ne. after the night ‘manager told police his story ‘lof.the holdup was a hoax.

4g bomb ex.

to education.

Of the more than 2000 per- sons expected to attend the! conclave here, 1400 were se-'| lected by the states and terri-| tories in accordance with a' population quota. Nationa] or-} ganizations with interest in education have 300 representa- tives and an additional 300 per- sons will represent Congress, Governors and chief state school officers. There will be observers from foreign coun-

The national program was arranged the President's 34- man erence committee,

See EDUCATE, Page Al5, Col. 2

transit franchise.

Prospective bus operators were warned this was their last chance to prove they were financially able to take over) service next August. Congress’ ordered Capital Transit Co. to turn in its franchise Aug. 14.

If replies fail,to turn up an’ acceptable proposal, the PUC)} will start serious planning for | government ownership of the transit system, George E. C.) Hayes, Commission chairman, | said. 3

Hayes described the letters as | last<litch efforts to convince private enterprise to step into the breach” threatened when CTC pulls up stakes.

Deficiencies still exist in each application, Hayes said.

| 200-foot stretch before coming

But the PUC “is desirous’

See PUC, Page Al5, Col. 2|

, alleged holdup was the night oe a Picneath meats manager, Pédro Manrique Cor- by Mr, and Mrs. Charles Mur-|; 0 29, of 7004 22d aye., phy, both 23. ‘Lewisdale, Md., found tied to

Murphy’s car skidded and ® chair in the restaurant about rolled over five times within a\* #- ™- by police after he had summoned aid by spinning his

to rest upright. Murphy and his Office telephone dial with bis

wife were knocked into the) "05¢- rear seat. | Picked up after they were

They were taken to Fort implicated by Cordero were Meade Hospital where they| William J. Mahathey, 23, of the were held for observation with)/Dunbar Hotel, 15th and U possible back injuries. ists. nmw., and Alan Vincent

Zelaya, who was driving a Burke, 28, of 3607 Perry st., 1950 Ford, was uninjured. | Mt. Rainier, Md.

U. S. Commissioner Samuel! Deputy Police Chief Edgar E. Meloy was called at Upper | Scott, chief of detectives, said Mariboro. He held a hearing|that Cordero, father of two shortly after the crash and or-|small children, was charged dered Zelaya to pay a $150 fine | With grand larceny and making or serve 30 days in jail. Zelaya,|@ false report.

a warehouseman, said he could; Mahathey, also the father of not raise the money. See BREAK, Page A-3, Col, 5

Last Hurdle in Slum Clearance

: foreign policy is bound to be-| Secretary of the Treasury |*" . me. Ag @ but he hopesiGeorge M. Humphrey is gen-| In an election year the drive Democrats will keep debate on/erally credited as the most in-|'0 cut taxes will be strong a “constructive” plane. fluential of this latter group. |#™oné both Republicans and

Sparkman, the 1952 Demo-|, But Humphrey is known to|?®mocrats. cratie vice presidential nomi-|be more flexible than the above|, Ad this. too will be a factor) nee, said he doesn’t believe the | description indicates. in these aid deliberations. As) Democrats will stoop to “per-| And some of the men in the se has so graphically put sonalities” as he said the Re-jfirst group are far less starry-|**’,, i | publicans had in attacks on/eyed “shout the virtue of un-| “/f we're going to have to, former Secretary of State Dean |limited aid than they are made |C°™Pete with the Russians, Acheson three years ago. | we're going to have to compete

“We are not going to accuse But Congress is going to have the Republicans of playing foot- ito decide it. sie with the Communists as they accused us in 1952 and 1954," Sparkman declared.

Aside from the little flurry on politics and foreign policy, this was a day of little activity around the Gettysburg White House.

In the quiet of his study at his country mansion, the Presi- dent dictated and signed some letters. He wandered around the farm a bit and got in some practice with a putter on the golf green behind the house.

And for the man who used to

out to be.

In fact, men in both camps doubt that Asia and the Middle East can physically absorb any-

thing like the Marshall Pian, | ~ whteh bailed out Western Japanese Object

Europe from 1947 on. | J 4/To Rocket Bases

Such advocates of continye Reuters

aid as Harold E. Stassen hav made this point repeatedly.. They abhor the words “Mar-| TOKYO, Nov. 26—Mass dem- shall Plan” when speaking of/|onstrations and fresh protests Asia. from labor union leaders swept

There are men in both camps,|Japan today following a too, who recognize the need for|United States Far East Com-' a sustained, long-term program mand statement that American of aid but are extremely skep- | troops and “Honest John” rock. tical of the emergency need et launchers are based in this for it. country only to help Japan de-

ploded at Eniw has been repo equaled from 12 tons of INT.)

West Criticized

The official ment said the tests were carrie: aim of bolsterins tional security. the Western powers for turn ing down Mos disarmé- ment proposals at the Geneva Big Four parley.

The announcement said

“In accordance with ng of scientific researc) and exper- imental work jin the field of atomic energy the §6 Soviet Union recently carried out tests of new types of - atomic and thermonuc |: hydrogen weapons.

“The tests f the pertinent s: nical research important achievements of So- viet scientists an’ engineers.

“The last explosion of the

* last year 1 to have 20 million

announce- it nuclear t with the issian “na- criticiged

confirmed tifie tech- h showed


These officials have been in-|fend herself. trigued by Moscow's big talk,| Sohyo, Japan's biggest trade but as yet have detected no evi- union federation with 3 million

hydrogen bomb w*s the | powerful of all explosions car Tied out so far.) order to pre-

play for West Point 40 years ago, there was time to look in n the Army-Navy football

Site for Smithsonian Air Museum


LIV. RM. SUITE: maple, cof-

2 end tables. |

ir. 1 welts

. 2 white kitchen cand-

inets. OF. X-RARX.

through this

Washington Post

and Times Herald Want Ad...

Because you, too, can get results like this, it costs you less when you place your want ad in the newspaper that reaches 130,000 more families than any other Washington

newspaper. IT’S EASY TO


RE. 7-1234

To Be Considered Monday by NCPC

(Map on Page A-8.) By Robert C. Albrook Giefl Reporter A site for Smithsonian In- stitution’s gigantic proposed)

violate. | _ {slum clearance project can be A third possibility, utilizing|approved and turned over to part of the latter site and leav-\the Redevelopment Land ing Maryland ave. open, may be Agency for execution. considered. _A chief difficulty in finding a The question will come before site for the big hangar-like

0 ~

air museum will be considered | | Monday by a committee of the the Planning Commission com- National Capital Planning Com-|mittee headed by Conrad L. mission in an effort to resolve | Wirth, Director of the National what NCPC Chairman Harland Park Service, and including En- Bartholomew has called the last gineer Commissioner Thomas big planning problem delaying| A. Lane, H. J. Spellman of the ec paren Washington rede-|Bureau of Public Roads and


The. site Smithsonian's re- gents prefer would block the pro “South Mall” on 10th st. and be “fatal” to the South- west rebuilding scheme pro-

by William Zeckendorf, ew York real estate developer he has said.

A site the Smithsonian has indicated it would consider as an alternative, however, would| museum planning

Maryland ave. sw., a fea- ture of the “L’Enfant Plan” for W w

~ ' : 3 a ?


NCPC experts are reluctant to



building in which Smithsonian wants to display its enormous collection of historic and mod ern. aircraft is its size. It would require more space than National Gallery of Art, as now d, would overpower

ally, whatever is

d ar hear it.

the|Gettysburg Presbyterian

ame via television after send- ing telegrams—contents undis-| closed—to the opposing coaches.

One reason for the quiet was that three lively grandchildren and their daddy and mother, Maj. and Mrs. John Eisenhower, returned ahead of schedule late yesterday to Fort Belvoir, Va. They came up for Thanksgiv- ing and had planned originally to remain until Sunday.

The Eisenhowers are passing up services Sunday at the

; : :

Church. Snyder said “there was a little service” yesterday in the living room after they en- tertained their two ministers and their wives at lunch. Dr. Edward L. R. Elson, pastor of National Presbyterian Sg

selections the Bible and the poem, “Bless This House.” , The . Clyde Raynor Brown is pastor of the Presbyterian Church here.

| Index, Page2 |/™*,


dence that Russia will move in with resources and manpower. In- fact, some doubt Moscow's

members, protested against vent conseque! of radio- use of the rocket, which it! active fallout. the «xplosion was claims is an atomic weapon.| made at a great 4

A Big Day in Sports

Army Upsets Navy, 14-6, in Classic:

Army, relying on a devastat- ingsrushing attack, stunned Navy, 14-6, in the annual serv- ice classic yesterday at Phila-

to score 21 points in the fourth! quarter and hand Notre Dame its second loss of the season,

S. Californians Defeat Notre Danie

20-13, for the §outhwestern Conference title

Auburn rolled wer Alabama, 26-0, and probbly won its

42-20, in a major upset. Georgia Tech defeated tradi- tional rival Georgia, 213, and earned the ~~ Rav ge ment against Pitts t was Georgia Tech's afth Bowl bid in five years. Mississippi won the South- eastern Conference crown and a berth in the Cotton Bowl beating State, , Host im the Bow! will be TCU whieh defeated SMU,


third successiy:' bid to the "Gator Bowl. Oj’ahoma, which goes to the Orange Bow! against Maryland, extended the Nation's Ipagést winning

shing Okla-

delphia before 102,000 and a Nation-wide television au di-

ence. Fullback Pat Uebel and

able’s Sailor Pimlico Spe- ths over Mis Outeast, the third

Navy. The eat shattered Navy's hopes for a Cotton Bow!

In. Los Ageles Southern California turned on the steam

~-- te

se va ee ee DEMOCRATS—Fr. P. 1 Sunday, November 27, 1955 ag

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“guilty of

1956 presidential campaign to


laration of Independence, Wil-| liams said:

I do of the patriotism, as well as the abilities of the very’ worthy gentleman and great! Democrat who urged a course of dressed the Nation on tele-| Sec. Pa. ) Vision from Chicago last week- 9 | end.


Williams Raps Adlai’s Stand

the most craven|to a greater and still greater cowardice” if they allowed the! tomorrow.

“degenerate into a spineless\ from, our side counsels for a and self-defeating formality.” | pause for breath-taking and

Referring to Patrick Henry's moderation—counsels which I challenging of the moderates fnd difficult to believe can be before the signing of the Dec-| seriously considered as Demo- cratic Party policy.”

“No man thinks more highly| Disappointed in Stand must say that I was acutely dis- appointed by the spirit of Chi-

ca moderation when he ad-! ‘with present problems .

| sick by those in my own party

“It is upsetting now to hear

“In candor,” he added, “I

go, the spirit of re

He said “I am mate. boart-

sliced in two in the collision

Magazine Rack 5 |

“But this is no time for cere-| who do not militantly resist the

trawler in half in dense English Channel fog off Cap Blanc- Nez. The trawler Colbert was.

with the vessel Fisher Bank‘ and sank within minutes. The Fisher Bank was only slightly damaged.



in Groups of


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any more than it was spurious doctrine that, so long 180 years ago. ‘as our aged have some scouts

; “If the timid, the temporigers, | | $0 long as the most uninhabit- the compromisers had carried| able of our tenements are torn the day then, we would not be) ‘down—so long as our unemploy- standing now where we are to- 'ment is below the critical level night, on the free and independ-| part of the time—our job is ent soil of the greatest nation! done, we can rest. on earth . | “So long as some 15 million

trim in the barbershop at the Atlanta “I would remind you,” Wil-/American families are still liams said, “that the tempor-|housed in substandard dwell-

Butler Charges Federal a —— who look erage rin ings, Pde scr pv on ‘T would| tho h d t ee cA tami ap Rg je we gp Bam Bg nent Agencies Suppress Data

“ei to-| proposed, in effect, that this is

= those who day grudgingly an_ ideal time for a national |

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Adlai Gets Trimmed

Democratic presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson, en route to Kingsland, Ga., on a bird hunting trip, gets a quick airport.

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hte ton~eti-s4t8 Lt aee mom

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 26 #— nomination as Atomic Energy' jeld to the coffee break.” necessities of; Williams said “at this mo- ‘Demoeratic National Commit-/Commissioner. yesterday and ment I am not sure who stands ‘©¢ Chairman Paul M. Butler Specifically, Butler lauded hence never|where in the fight for social'claims that the Republicans newton Bartlett of the Chat- progress but al-|justice and human betterment. | have developed any ay. and W. H. Law- ways and inex-|I know not what course others) 14 t in. th of the New York Times orably slideimay take. But as for me, I) itt eid Met e 5 pee case; Alvin > back, are tra-|would rather be hanged for a ‘timate meer Rober City» Star ditionally ‘onjrebel in the ranks of those! ey 4 Mollen of Desh and Clark Williams the other side, fighting for a fuller life for all| soci ad Seiet thee and eamuian oe eae not ours. of our people than to hold : ' leled in spare Whitfield. regarding

“Democrats, traditionally and,|commission in the army of Gen God willing, forever, in spite eral Apathy and General Des- Red Ring Broken Up MANILA, Nov. 26 (INS)—The

of all odds, push doggedly | pair.’ ahead on the broad high road! Williams said the Democratic |

Philippine army reported today that it has broken up a new

| program in 1956 “must be to Communist ring known as the

ithe third quarter of our cen- ; tury what Woodrow Wilson’ a Butler University of Philippine Overseas Chinese Communist Party. Three wom-

Southern Call- was to the first quarter and what Franklin D. Roosevelt's fornia last night, Butler sald and Harry S. Traman’s was to, ‘4t “an interagency a en leaders of the movement were arrested in Cebu City. HUMIDIFIERS - .


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Area News

City officials making election plans Pageant of Peace plans completed

City to note safe driving day Friday Area has record school enrollment . Fairfax County studies sewage plant bids Toy market goes scientific .. re New keyboard “liked” in early tests.

5 dary between the two district ry nanos, eean in a downtown hotel in


Summit cre cel to become “a great Comeneniist HEARING


The Loose Tongue—Khrushchev’s propaganda cam- paign in India.

Honorable Discharge—The Army should not induct men who plead the Fifth Amendment on their security questionnaires and then give them dis- honorable discharges.

the Farm Plight—The current need is for ary measures to help the farmer—not mere isanship or basic changes in the law. ssing up the Keys—A journalistic lament over the Government's experiment with a new type- writer keyboard.

Business and Finance

Builder Aubinoe helped give D. C. new look

Investment Bankers gece car meets today

Income increase here below U. 5S. average Defeat of natural gas bill held possible Stocks chalk up another advance ..

Production gain gives boom an added push

General Even the milkman is,called “doctor” NAACP officer shot in Mississippi Virginia integration vote weeks off . Helicopter rescues 21 aboard grounded ship

National News “Megaton-plus” Mitchell in race John L. Lewis to Hocker to quit u: McCormack anc Satellite plans «

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Red Leaders May Visit Cairo Next Spring

LONDON, Nov. 26 (INS) 'Arab diplomatic circles in Lon- don disclosed tonight that So- viet Premier Nikolai Bulganin and Communist Party Chief Nikita Khrushchey may visit Cairo next spring following their visit to London.

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Pentagon row over defense buying

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“Acreage reserve” farm plan stldied

Gov. Williams assails Adlai’s “Moderation” plea ...

Eisenhower indorses Sen. George’s campaign stand Administration leaders divided on Asian aid

Truman criticizes GOP foreign policy

Fewer servicemen going “over the hill”

Benson reported planning “acreage reserve” program

Reed concedes 1956 tax eut, opposes it

Democrats accused of stalling Ike’s program ....

McCarthy P. O. choice “surprises” hometown GOP

Retired brass in civil jobs bothers Congress ..

John grabs the throttle again

Consul accused of m in U. & polities ..... «

Butler charges GOP pr eal agency information A

Kohler vetoes Reuss seat ‘cational A

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